Dahua XVR1B08-I 8 Channel Penta-brid 1080N/720p Cooper XVR

  • Model: XVR1B08-I
  • H.265+/H.265 dual-stream video compression
  • Supports Full channel AI-Coding
  • Supports HDCVI/AHD/TVI/CVBS/IP video inputs
  • Max 10 channels IP camera inputs


Dahua XVR1B08-I 8 Channel Penta-brid 1080N/720p Cooper 1U XVR

Dahua XVR1B08-I is a 8 Channel Penta-brid 1080N/720p Cooper series Digital Video Recorder. Cooper Series XVR. Designed as a full compatibility product, XVR is able to provide end-user the simplicity of the analog systems, namely lower system cost, simple installation, and use of existing cable. And with the adoption of Smart H.265+/H.265, the series improves encoding efficiency, saving on bandwidth/storage costs. It is ideal for a wide range of civil applications such as retail stores, home protection, and so on. Featuring high performance with attractive costs, the Cooper Series offers a great solution for users facing budget constraints who both require quality and performance. Smart Codec, H.265+ can reduce up to 90% bit rate and storage requirements compared with H.264 without having to invest in new cameras. The XVR can auto recognize the signal of the front camera without any setting. It makes operation more friendly and convenient. The XVR supports up to a 5MP HDCVI camera and 12MP IP camera input. The integrated design can reduce wiring troubles which makes it much more cost-effective and convenient for installation. The HDCVI system supports long-distance transmission over coaxial cable and UTP, max. 700m for 4K/4MP, 800m for 1080P, and 1200m for 720P. With built-in intelligent video analytics, the XVR has the ability to detect and analyze moving objects for improved video surveillance. The XVR provides optional standard intelligence at the edge allowing detection of multiple object behaviors such as abandoned or missing objects. IVS also supports Tripwire analytics, allowing the camera to detect when a predetermined line has been crossed. It is a typical technology being used in a variety of applications for searching or identification of individuals. This function helps you get more motion to detect video during a short time by drawing a region when playback. It is very useful at certain times. It also has H.265+/H.265 dual-stream video compression which supports Full-channel AI-Coding. Alongside it also supports HDCVI, AHD, TVI, CVBS, IP video inputs. This HDR can have a maximum of 10 channels with IP camera inputs. Dahua XVR1B08-I XVR offers 1 year of warranty.

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