Dahua NVR608-64-4KS2 64 Channel 2U 8HDDs Ultra series NVR

Model: NVR608-64-4KS2
Inputs: 64 Channel
Up to 12MP Resolution for Preview and Playback
Incoming Bandwidth: Up to 384Mbps
8 SATA III Ports, Up to 6TB for each HDD


A Dahua NVR608-64-4KS2 64 Channel 2U 8HDDs Ultra Series NVR features advanced, unparalleled recording technology for IP video surveillance applications. It’s Dahua’s next-generation network video recorder. This enterprise-level NVR offers a strong Intel CPU with up to 4K resolution for applications where details are crucial for identification. The Dahua NVR608-64-4KS2 features a mouse shortcut operation menu, remote administration and control, center storage, edge storage, and backup storage, all of which are available on the NVR. This NVR is designed to be low-cost and easy to install, making it ideal for a range of uses such as public safety, water conservation, transportation, city centers, education, and financial institutions. Its open feature enables multi-user access and is compatible with ONVIF 2.4, allowing for connectivity when connected with 4K cameras. The Dahua NVR608-64-4KS2 64 Channel 2U 8 HDDs Ultra Series NVR is available for all types of third-party devices. This makes it an ideal solution for surveillance systems that do not include a video management system, And this Dahua’s Ultra Series NVR provides optional standard intelligence at the edge that detects a variety of object behaviors, such as abandoned or missing objects. This Dahua NVR also has multiple fisheye dewarping modes for viewing the video, whether live or in playback.


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