Dahua DHI-NVR4216-4KS2/L 16 Channel 1U 2HDDs (NVR)

Model: DHI-NVR4216-4KS2/L
4.0 user interface, Security baseline 2.1
Max. decoding capability: 8 × 1080p@30 fps
HDMI/VGA video output
Supports mainstream cameras of ONVIF and RTSP protocols


The Dahua DHI-NVR4216-4KS2/L is a high-quality Network Video Recorder (NVR) that is designed to provide advanced security features for businesses and homeowners. This 16-channel NVR is equipped with a new 4.0 user interface and adheres to Security baseline 2.1, ensuring that your data is well protected. The NVR supports H.264, H.265, Smart H.264+, and Smart H.265+ video compression technologies, and has the capability to automatically switch between H.264 and H.265. With a maximum decoding capability of 8 × 1080p@30 fps and adaptive decoding support, the NVR can handle a wide range of video streams with ease. It also supports mainstream cameras of ONVIF and RTSP protocols, ensuring that it is compatible with most surveillance cameras available in the market. The NVR also allows for P2P remote surveillance, enabling you to access live video streams and playback recorded footage from your mobile device. With VGA/HDMI simultaneous video output, the NVR can output videos in a maximum resolution of 4K via HDMI. Additionally, it comes equipped with AI-powered features such as face detection, perimeter protection, IVS, people counting, heat map, and SMD, making it an ideal choice for businesses that require advanced security features. Lastly, the NVR supports remote configuration and management of IPC, allowing you to easily configure and manage your surveillance cameras from a central location. You can set parameters, get information, and upgrade IPC of the same model in batches, making it a highly convenient and efficient security solution.


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