Dahua DH-HAC-HFW1509TLMP-A-LED 5MP Color HDCVI Bullet Camera

Max 25 fps@5MP (16:9 video output), IP67 Water Rating
120 dB true WDR, 3D NR, Built-in mic (-A)
40 m illumination distance, 24/7 color imaging
3.6 mm fixed lens, Field of View: H: 88; V: 46°; D: 104°

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Dahua DH-HAC-HFW1509TLMP-A-LED 5MP Color HDCVI Bullet Camera

With Dahua DH-HAC-HFW1509TLMP-A-LED HDCVI Bullet camera, you may enjoy a 5MP full HD color video and the convenience of leveraging existing coaxial infrastructure. Even in complete darkness, the full-color starlight HDCVI camera produces a high-quality color image with rich details. It comes in a variety of fixed lens variants with a multi-language OSD and HD/SD output option. It uses two strong warm white LED illuminators with a range of up to 40 meters (131.23 ft). The LEDs turn on automatically in the dark to record detailed full-color photos 24 hours a day, assuring authentic object identification. It’s a great fit for places like schools, shopping malls, and parking lots. The Dahua DH-HAC-HFW1509TLMP-A-LED HDCVI Bullet Camera features an F1.2 lens with a 1/2.7″ high-performance sensor. The camera’s lowlight performance is remarkable, with an exceptional balance between noise reduction and blur of moving objects, thanks to a larger quantity of absorbed light and an innovative image processing algorithm. The Dahua DH-HAC-HFW1509TLMP-A-LED HDCVI Bullet Camera’s outstanding reliability is unsurpassed due to its rugged design. With an IP67 rating, the camera is water and dust-resistant, making it appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. The camera is built for harsh temperature conditions, with a working temperature range of -40 °C to +60 °C (-40 °F to +140 °F). With a 30 percent input voltage tolerance, this camera is suitable for even the most unreliable power source. The camera and its construction are protected from the impacts of lightning thanks to its 4KV lightning certification. The Dahua DH-HAC-HFW1509TLMP-A-LED HDCVI Bullet Camera comes with a 01-year warranty.


Dahua DH-HAC-HDW1509TLQP-A-LED 5MP Color HDCVI Eyeball Camera

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